Establish dependable DevOps ecosystems throughout your organisation and inspect their delivery performance with ease

Our customers

Exceptional for start-up's

Under huge pressure to get to market?
- Deliver value to customers sooner
- Avoid cost sunk into building DevOps
- Mitigate DevOps practitioner availablility

Perfect for innovation teams

Ready to leave your competitors behind?
- Reduce Cloud development complexity
- Evade confusing technology choices
- Fast track Agile and DevOps maturity

Ideal for solution providers

Want better margins on Cloud solutions?
- Embed a culture that maximises speed
- Exploit economies of scale opportunities
- Easily integrate with existing solutions

Key benefits

Stand-up your complete ecosystem within 30 minutes

Our four step wizard will have your first ecosystem production ready in 30 minutes or less. See the Canzea Explained section below to learn more about our SaaS Express.

Profit from industry proven tooling

Canzea's SaaS Express has integrated open source tools to provide a holistic ecosystem. Effortlessly fine tune your ecosystem configuration using our helpers.

Form savvy decisions using empirical data

Canzea's Looking Glass analyses data generated by your ecosystem. This enables you to visualise produt flow and make infromed decisions to uplift performance.

Why did we do it?

Delivery speed is the keystone for your competitive advantage. Our DevOps ecosystems empower you to exploit it.

We recognise the need for a capability that manages both the software product and the art of predictable delivery as one. The streamlined product flow realised through our opensource DevOps ecosystems will enrich your development culture on many levels. Your business outcomes include; the ability to compete on time to market plus happy customers and staff.

The price for your competitive advantage

Explorer Pass

Our free offering provides one ecosystem plus three team members to get you started

Maximum of 1 Ecosystem

Maximum of 3 Users

Receive a $10 Digital Ocean hosting credit upon sign-up

Innovation Pass

Ideal for organisations wanting to try new technologies. Obtain acess to all of our ecosystem for 48 hours

Maximum of 10 Ecosystems

Maximum of 30 Users

$59 (USD)
One Payment

Canzea Business

This license gives you the greatest flexibility to deliver value in your organisation

Unlimited Ecosystems

Starting From 1 User

Billed Monthly - $20 (USD) per user
Billed Annually - 25% discount applied

Canzea Explained

This 80 second video explains how the SaaS Express feature creates your DevOps ecosystem.

Try Canzea for free

Let us take care of your DevOps ecosystem, so you can take care of business.