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The Race is On

Picture this- Company ABC Ltd earns $10m dollars in revenue, while cost of sales are a steady $5m. If costs were reduced by 10% in that year, operating surplus would be $5.5m.

However, if there was a 10% increase in speed, by which new products or features were brought to market, annual revenue would benefit from an additional 1.2 months of sales. The result is a total annual revenue of $6m.

Feed Your Need for Speed

Canzea provides you the capability to achieve this competitive advantage through our opensource DevOps ecosystems. A software ecosystem is a capability that streamlines software delivery, with a similar benefit as Cloud services. Our ecosystems can be provisioned on demand and operate in concert with your Cloud service.

It’s as Simple as…

1) Choose from our catalogue of Canzea ecosystems, each representing a software product that supports a value stream in your organisation (e.g. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Robotics and Automation);

2) Select your preferred Cloud service provider.

Your infrastructure is provisioned within minutes, and the opensource building blocks needed by your software product are deployed across all environments, to ensure full integration and consistent configuration.

Intrinsic to your ecosystem is the DevOps capability, and the Canzea magic that enables inspection and adaptation of software delivery performance. All of this is underpinned with industry leading security practices, plus helpers to maintain the ecosystem configuration.

You be the Judge

We will deliver your opensource DevOps ecosystem within 30 minutes of your request being submitted through our wizard. All we ask, is that you explore our ecosystems for free today and provide us with your feedback.

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